Parasite Can't Take a Joke


Paris Hilton is threatening to sue MTV unless they pull a sketch where she parodies her drunk-driving incident. The hotel heir filmed the skit for the debut episode of ‘ShortCircuitz’ in January, but she is now seemingly failing to see the funny side.

The sketch - due to air tomorrow - features Paris promoting her ‘What Would Paris Do’ bracelets in a fake infomercial.

In one clip, a blond is pulled over by a police officer for drunk-driving and, after consulting her bracelet, starts grinding against the cop.

The embarrassed officer says: “I can’t arrest you, you’re too fabulous.”

Paris shot the sketch before she was arrested for driving with a suspended licence on February 27. The arrest violated the 36-month probation order she received after pleading no contest to alcohol-related reckless driving in January.

Last week, Paris’ lawyers demanded MTV delete the sketch from the comedy show or face legal action.

The sketch has now been cut.

It must have been a shocker for Paris, when she did get pulled over and the cop didn't tell her how "fabulous" she is.

Source: FY

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