1 Relationship Hacks That Super Happy Couples Swear By


If your way does not work Have you ever seen a couple so sickeningly in love you just wanted to cry tears of joy, sadness, jealousy, and hopefulness all at the same time? Everyone knows that one couple whose relationship you all wish you had. They are, of course, far from perfect but they always seem to have their stuff together. You want this to be you so bad don’t you? Well, the good news is that it isn’t exactly rocket science figuring out how to be a happy couple. Here are seven super simple tricks and hacks that happy couples use to keep their relationships healthy. How super happy couples stay that way 1. Mastering the art of forgiveness Do not hold grudges in a relationship especially over small issues. There are, of course, those unforgivable sins that you should not think twice about ending the relationship about. However, for small fights especially when there is a sincere apology, there is truly no need to hold on to the past. 2. Learning to say thank you A little appreciation goes a long way towards making your partner happy. Thank them for packing your lunch. Thank them for paying the bills. If you cannot think of anything, then thank them for existing and choosing to love you every day. These two words have more power than you could imagine. 3. Verbalizing expectations and disappointments One thing happy couples are is open and uninhibited. Unless you are dating a mind reader, you need to be ready to open up about what you want. That way, your significant other knows how to keep you happy. 4. Being fair, kind and considerate When couples get too familiar, there is a tendency to become unkind. You forget that you are dealing with a human with feelings and limits. Do not be one of these people and ensure that you constantly make an effort to be nice to your partner. 5. Giving each other some space Happy couples might seem all over each other, but if you investigate keenly, you will find that they value occasional alone time. That is something you should emulate if you want a happily ever after of your own. 6. Seeing their point of view; even when flawed Making an effort to understand your significant other helps to make them feel loved and appreciated. In a situation where you know for a fact that they are wrong, let them rant and let it all out. It will allow you to learn a lot about them, their thought process and most importantly their expectations. 7. Knowing when to hold your tongue Honesty is a good thing but when it starts to become hurtful and mean you need to pump the breaks. Sometimes it is best to be quiet especially if you know what you want to will come across as an attack on the person’s insecurities. In a nutshell, It isn’t all that hard. It is simply about making a conscious effort to make your partner feel loved and appreciated every day. It is also clear from these tips and tricks that it is the little things that matter. So sprinkle some lovely little shows of affection even as you go all out on those grand romantic gestures. That way, whether you are in an LDR or you have lived together for what seems like a millennium you will be as in love no as you were when you started out.


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