6 Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

Halloween night with a partner is always a memorable experience. This is the night when you get to see your lovely partner in her actual look…Oh, just kidding! Don’t mind. Well, here we are with some utterly amazing and easy Halloween costume ideas for couples that you can either find on the costume shops or with the little preparation, you can also create them at home if you have the time.

1. Adam & Eve

As a couple, dressing up as Adam & Eve is always a great choice. It looks quite simple and cute. Get the mixing assortment of fake leaves of different shapes and sizes. Wear it in a simple short dress format rather than just wrapping left on just the private parts (just like our predecessors Adam and Eve). Adams costume has to be more simplistic that’s easy to achieve with green-coloured cup pocket innerwear, glued with many leaves and a fake snake.

2. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Nothing makes the cutest couple than being draped in a Mickey and Minnie Mouse costume. It’s simple, cute, stylish and less time-consuming. For Mickey there is just a full black suit with black trousers, red shoes, white gloves, and a large red-coloured bow with two cute ears on top of the head, while the girls will be wearing a half sleep top, red coloured short, black long socks, red heels and big red and black colour ears on the top of the head.

3. Jughead and Betty

Jughead and Betty are the two major dynamic characters very much known for their true bonding. So dressing up as this perfect couple will be a wonderful idea for this Halloween night. They have a very unique and iconic costume styling which you can easily grab with little shopping from the costume shop Dublin.

4. Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh

To achieve this couple look, each partner has to dress up in the onesies character. If you are even more creative than that then one person can glue a purple oval on a blue t-shirt and make a donkey ears out of a diadem and colour instructions paper. Other partners can wear a sport red t-shirt on yellow pants along with a yellow bear hat.

5. Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf

If you are short on time and want something exciting in the last minute then this couple costume red riding hood and the big, bad wolf is the easiest one to create at home. One partner can wear all black, with a fluffy tail, a cat-ear headband while another can wear all red with either a hooded cap or a restful hoodie.

6. A Panda and A Bamboo

If you are just like me little flabby in shape you should try a panda look while your lovely female partner can try shaped up in a bamboo look or vice-versa. To look like a bamboo, she just requires a dress with some corresponding lines either or masked on and some fake leaves attached to it.

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