Dermacol Make-up Cover is famous for offering legendary high covering for various skin tone. Dermacol Foundation is researched and developed by a Czech make-up company, Dermacol, A.S., which is greatly good at creating cosmetics including concealers, shadows and various foundations for film make-up artists.
Dermacol Foundation contains up to 50% pigments to ensure to cover up pretty much anything such as acne, spots, post surgical bruising, tattoos etc. Dermacol make-up cover also provides 30 SPF protection from the sun’s UV rays. This product has passed clinical test and fits for variety of skin tones
The license of Dermacol has been sold to Hollywood since 1968. It has been widely used by celebrities photo or film shoots, modeling and for festive occasions. We are an authorized store online to offer 100% brand new and authentic Dermacol Concealer with best price up to 60% off. Buy Two Dermacol Make Up Cover Foundation, use 5% off code:discount2018

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