If you’re tempted to cheat just end the relationship please because no one deserves to be the “other person.” If you can’t express your needs to someone or communicate to that person what they lack, just be single! Be alone! Because relationships are about communication and honesty. If you can’t sit that significant other down and be honest with them, then baby go to the pet store and get yourself a bunch of cats to shackle up with because you’re wasting your time as well as the other persons time!

Truth be told, I have been cheated on and I have been the cheater. I know what you’re thinking... “How is this girl giving advice without taking her own.” Well... when I cheated it was because I felt neglected and unnoticed. I kept those feelings bottled up inside of me when I could have told my significant other what was bothering me. If I had communicated those feelings to him he could have met my needs and things could have been different. But, no I chose to cheat. I met a guy who gave me the most attention and appreciated me while I was still with this guy. It was a waste of time because I was keeping secrets from someone I cared about. When my significant other found out I was cheating, he was crushed. It hurt me badly to know I hurt someone like that. I kept apologizing and telling him that I loved him, and he told me “Nah, if you loved me, then why did you cheat? If there was trouble in paradise, why not come to me so we can solve the problem?” That hit me hard and stayed with me since.

And then... My next relationship I got cheated on. It hurt like hell because shittttt I liked the guy a lot. I invested my time and energy just to get played. I asked my significant other the same questions my ex had asked me way back when... “Why cheat on me if you say care about me?”

Cheating is not worth it period. If the problem is fixable, fix it! Sit down with your significant other to resolve the issue, if it can’t be fixed- WALK AWAY! Communication is really big and important in relationships, so take advantage of it. Say what you need, say what you feel, if it don’t get you what you want, leave.