Homemakers can make money from home through these jobs

1. Mothers are expected to be superwomen. But, when it comes to managing the house and job together.

However, technology has made it easier for women to work while being homemakers. Earning while parenting requires work that adapts the requirements of your busy life. Several mothers need jobs that allow them to work from home, thereby providing them a better lifestyle. In India, companies like CACTUS, Connecting All India (CAI) and Working Solutions are making it easy for mothers to make money from convenient locations, in hours that suits them the most. Several women are leveraging such benefits just with the help of a computer and an internet connection. This article covers the most convenient jobs for mothers, which will not just provide greater work-life balance, but will also allow them to cash-in on the opportunity. Let’s find out:

1. Virtual Tutoring: Requiring no formal teaching certification, virtual tutoring is one of the best options to create suitable schedules. From the comfort of their own homes, mothers can utilize their expertise in subject matters or test preparation. Employees in these jobs work using portals like Skype, FaceTime and Google Hangouts, among others. Although certification is not required, the majority of companies ask for a Bachelor’s degree or any other exam that demonstrates expertise in a subject. Virtual tutors can earn approximately Rs 1,100 per hour. Sometimes, employees in these jobs also enjoy convenient online training modules. Virtual tutoring is an excellent start for women who have an experience in teaching or tutoring.

2. Transcriber: A transcriber’s job is to type out a script. This may sound simple, but employees in this job should have fast and accurate typing skills. This is the most suitable job for a mother’s lifestyle as it can be done remotely, and doesn’t require a long training period. A transcriber works on a computer, using good-quality headphones and word processing software, such as MS Word. Employees in this job can earn around Rs 1,000 per hour. Although this job is all about typing, it requires concentration and time. Workload for people, who work as freelance transcriptionist, is often unpredictable as work comes in daily, but requires a turnaround sometimes.

3. Customer Service Representative: With a relatively low barrier for entry, this job can help mothers work from home without any additional education or training. This job is typically about taking inbound calls and help customers. The work is in shifts, which employees can choose as per their convenience. This job is about interacting with a lot of people over the phone, due to which many can hang up the phone on you out of frustration. Experts claim that employees with an ability to stay calm, articulate, solution-focused and friendly have a plus. Maximum call service representative jobs require training. Employees in this job can earn around Rs 18,000 per month. Although no major qualifications are required, women with any experience in customer service can prefer this job.

4. Online Craft Seller: Mothers with that extra talent can decide to have a successful business of selling their craft online. There are a number of websites that provide an online marketplace to sell your crafts. Moreover, a lot of women can opt for Instagram, which has become another great platform to exhibit your talent and earn from it. The advantage of becoming a craft seller is that once the items are listed, and you have the inventory, the process after that is quite passive. Mothers have nothing much to do after that, until they make a sale, when they have to just pack and ship. Money earned from this job varies from person to person. At an initial stage, women should be conservative while spending on materials. There is a plethora of work-from-home jobs that can be done remotely. One just needs to determine what they’d really like to do, which will allow them to have a greater work-life balance. Are you a mother too? Grab an opportunity to earn money online with Indian companies like Working Solutions, Connecting all India (CAI), CACTUS, and others, through their easy-going jobs.

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