The Apartment Dweller's Guide to Buying Vacuum Cleaners


Must have vacuums for small spaces

Before shopping for a vacuum to use in your apartment, list the items you need to clean such as carpets, hard floors, upholstered furniture and draperies. Select a model with as many appropriate accessories as possible covering all the areas you will need to clean. To test its efficiency, see how well it picks a granular substance such as sand or salt from a carpet. Check the carpet's pile to make sure the grains have been picked up, not just pushed down.

The more convenience features your vacuum has, like

the more time and effort you'll be saving on any cleaning day. Buy a lightweight machine that you can carry from one area to the next with ease. The vacuum should have a lengthy cord and easy-to-use controls, accessories and bag changing procedures. Don't think that cheap vacuum cleaners won't do the job efficiently; there are so many inexpensive models in the market now that do the job well.

Most apartment dwellers often purchase quiet vacuum cleaners to prevent disturbing the neighbors with vacuums with loud motors. Since most apartments are only separated by walls, quiet vacuum cleaners are often the best choice.

Remember that suctions alone won't remove dirt deeply embedded in carpets. Only vacuums with rotating brushes will do the job thoroughly and properly. Lint, hair or thread that collects on bristles can interfere with the cleaning capability of the brushes. Remove collected threads by clipping them off or unravel them after disconnecting the plug. A full bag may also interfere in the suction power of the vacuum so change or empty the bag before it's full or before next use.

Here are some of the small vacuums available in the market that are ideal to order online for apartment living:

Eureka 402A Mini Light Upright Vacuum is so light you think it won't do its job of cleaning. You can practically hold it in one hand. It has an easy to remove dust cup and easy grip and handle. The price is so reasonable it belongs to the list of effective yet cheap vacuum cleaners one can find.

The Dirt Devil Extreme Power Stick Vacuum is an upright vacuum that puts together the convenience of cordless and bag-free features that most apartment dwellers and homemakers look for. It has charging base that serve as a storage stand as well. The dirt is trapped in a collected bag that can be easily removed and lets dirt emptying fast and with ease.

If you have hardwood floors, the Bissell 3106-3 Featherweight Upright Vacuum especially if you hate sweeping the floors. It practically lifts out the dirt and debris from trapped inside deep crevices and cracks. It's also light weight so you can move it around without much difficulty.

If you want to buy a quiet yet powerful vacuum, Samsung Silencio series is the compact choice. Busy 9-5 working people would appreciate its silent motor which makes it possible to clean at night without disturbing the neighbors.

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