4 Couple Communication Tips for all Women


If you feel like there is a big elephant lounging in the room whenever you are with your partner, you are tip-toeing around the house in order to avoid arguments, and your children has never seen you both together lately; we have advice for you. Instead of creating a bigger divide with divorce counseling, we compiled a helpful and quick list for you to understand the other person and make appropriate changes. Professional therapists will all tell you the same thing: open communication is important for every relationship. Besides the obvious back and forth dialogue, there should be a comfortable space for the dialogue to bloom. Both sides should set aside a time to talk together, preferably once a week, to hash out everything - talking about thoughts and feelings. Here are important things to keep in mind:


This means you should set aside your personal opinions and preconceptions while β€œlistening” to the other person. While listening, you shouldn’t be thinking about what to say, instead you should be focusing on what they are actually saying.

2. Show empathy

As shown in the television Show, Modern Family, the character Phil Dunphy is schooled by ladies at the spa on the best ways to show empathy to his wife. The trick is to show support no matter what, and to not act as if you know everything. Do not criticize what they have done and do not interrupt their lines of thoughts. A lot of the times we try to offer advice based on our own experiences, but sometimes after a bad day, all your partner needs to hear are encouraging words; not what they could’ve done better.

3. Take a deep breath

Just like you are not supposed to go grocery shopping when you are hungry, do not attempt to communicate when you are angry or possibly holding a grudge. Do not let your emotions control you. Do not let anger get the best of you and make you say something you do not mean. Taking a β€œtime-out” can be more productive for you as individuals and as a couple. A time-out can vary from being in different rooms in a house, from doing things to distract you and clear out your thoughts, or asking others for advice in a general situation. Never spill your household problems to friends - you are going to be talked about. Swallow your pride and ask your mom for once. After all, mothers know best.

4. Shared experiences

Take a paint class while drinking wine. Go to a baseball game and support a team you don’t even know. Participate in a 5K run. Do something with your partner that you have never done before. New experiences that you can share together makes things more meaningful. Stray away from your routine and learn something new. Spice up your romance by creating memories together.