7 Tips to Make Parenting Less Stressful


Parenting can be very stressful. Constantly worrying about your newborn while you are away can fill your day with anxiety and stress. In such scenarios, as a parent, it’s important to organize yourself and take help where you can. Firstly parents must accept that stress is natural. Though many articles try to explain parents ad nauseam about this topic parents hardly get the message. Hence we have decided to present top seven tips which can be your point-wise guide to an easy and happy parenting.

#1 Care for yourself

To take a better care of your toddler you should first take a better care of yourself. Without being in a sound mental and physical health yourself you cannot nourish your child with best of your abilities. Keep a track of your schedule. Take some time to organize your to-do list. Ensure that you don’t compromise on your daily sleep and rest.

#2 Exercise and remain fit

After you become a parent it is very natural to lose out on good habits like jogging, walking or a small amount of exercise daily. If you are a jogger you can purchase a good jogging stroller and carry your baby while you jog. Make sure your child is over ten months in an age before you take him/her outside in a stroller. Keep some time for physical exercise. It may not be limited to a gym. You can play an outdoor game, badminton or even do brisk walking around your house. The key objective is that you keep yourself active.

#3 Hire a babysitter or a nanny

Finding a nanny or a babysitter for your cutie pie is one of the most difficult decisions. The person you hire should preferably be having a prior experience, methodical way to pamper and feed your child or depending on your need he or she must also be able to teach pre-schooling lessons. Many parents claim they prefer having a nanny at the house over daycare. However getting such experienced and professional nannies can be difficult to find. Companies like Sittercity prove to be useful in such cases. Many parents like to hire the same sitter again as they have established a trust already. We have often heard phrases, “Sittercity works for me” from many parents. You can check the reviews of the company you choose to hire a sitter. The best part about using Sittercity is that you get a screened and a professional sitter. Having doubts on your sitter can add more stress to your life.

#4 Seek help from your family and friends

Family members and good friends are always there to assist you. You should not overburden yourself with all the tasks. For example, while both partners are present one can take the responsibility to do the dishes and one can carry the baby. One can keep track of bills and other can keep track of baby’s meal. Distributing tasks with a partner or seeking help and advice from friends helps a lot. Sometimes all you need is someone to hear you out.

#5 Do Yoga

Doing yoga keeps your physical, mental and spiritual being in a good condition. There are many forms and practices of yoga where you simply need to breathe in and out. Just relax for some time in a calm environment. Sometimes counting and reverse counting brings down stress level by a great deal.

#6 Practice patience and avoid negativity

Sometimes you may find everything to be cluttered and against the order. Try to have patience and understand it is normal. Try to avoid any negative thoughts or feelings. You may have a rough day at office or home but it should not affect your parenting. Try to remain positive.

#7 Go easy on yourself

Every parent wants to be perfect and in this quest for perfection, they start to take things from a different perspective. They put themselves at an uneasy place by trying to overachieve at every task. Parents must understand that it is okay to be imperfect. Don’t go hard on yourself as you don’t need to prove your love and care for your child to anyone.

In conclusion planning your schedule and indulging yourself in self-caring activities while assigning babysitting or other vital and on vital tasks to trusted people you can greatly combat against parenting stress and live happily.

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