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Regardless of whether you are in middle school, high school or college, studying is hard enough as it is. Trying to balance pure data memorization alongside writing papers and crafting projects takes more time than there is in a day. With that being said, there are ways to simplify studying, and they come in several forms. Our technological era has so many useful tools, apps, and services that help you save time and energy, allowing you to do more of what you want and less of what you need. Unfortunately, many students don’t know about these supplementals, and this article is here to present 4 of the most useful ones available on the web!

1. Grammarly

Grammarly: Free Writing Assistant

If you aren’t aware of this service, then you must have been living under a rock for the last few months. This free writing application will proofread your writing, suggest tips and improvements, and check it for plagiarism, giving you the necessary certificate of authenticity. When asked on an anonymous survey of over 10,000 college students, over 90% claimed to use Grammarly for proofreading and editing their papers. Alongside this, most high school seniors praise Grammarly for helping them with their college application essays, commonly stating that it “transforms their writing” and improves the overall quality before submission. So, you should probably go ahead and download the app, like, now.

2. EssayPro

Essay Writing Service - Hire a Writer for Help | EssayPro

For students that are so behind in assignments that catching up feels like an impossible task, this service has become well known as a reliable gradesaver. For those students that commonly request “write my essay” assistance on google, this academic service has been helping students with their papers since 1997. By setting up each individual client with a Ph.D. graduate writer, they are getting the most advanced writing help that will sharpen their grammar and bolster their vocabulary. Alongside that, 95% of papers written with the help of this service receive A’s, upholding its utility. So, if you are a student that is struggling with their admission essay, research paper or even dissertation, visit this site and get yourself reliable guidance by top professionals!

3. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram|Alpha: Computational Knowledge Engine

For my engineering majors out there, I really hope you guys are aware of this lifesaver. This resourceful website provides information on almost anything imaginable, from historical figures to a calculator for advanced calculus. Mostly used by engineering graduates, this site helps solve complex equations in a heartbeat and draws 3-D graphs (cartesian coordinate system) for calculus related problems, alongside other difficult tasks. Alongside engineering majors, many statisticians and finance guided academics use this resource for a swift input-response, helping them avoid long and tedious handwritten calculations. As an answer engine with information on almost anything, there is no better homework checker on the web!

4. Sparknotes

SparkNotes: Today's Most Popular Study Guides

If you don’t feel like reading To Kill a Mockingbird or Romeo and Juliet (along with other prominent high school novels), then this is the website that will save your bacon. Here, you can find concise summaries of entire chapters, sections or scenes from the most common English class literature students are assigned to read. In essence, a 300-page book can be summarized in a couple of pages, providing important details that are asked on most quizzes and tests given by teachers. Alongside that, separate sections for character descriptions, quote analysis, and symbolic references are provided, just to make sure you cover all your bases. If you are one of those students that can’t stand English related class while in school or university, then this is the ultimate time-saving resource!

5. conclusion

In conclusion, these four tools are ones that every student SHOULD be using. Not only do they help you save time and energy, but they provide insight on valuable information and are universally considered as irreplaceable study tools. If you are a student that is not using these services, then you will spend precious hours on things that can be done in minutes, and nobody wants to do that… unless of course, you are a bookworm. But hey, I like my social life, and I’m sure you do too!

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