Secrets to buy the best blender you need


On what issues should I set to buy a blender? Do not worry, you're not the first person to have that doubt. It is not only that there are different types of mixers, but there are multiple brands, models and prices. It is difficult to know what to choose.

If your problem is that you do not know what to look for to buy the blender you really need, you have arrived at the right place. With this article we will turn you into a professional about this small appliance.

1. What Blender Buying: Types and Functions

The bowl mixers are composed of three elements: the support or motor, the glass and the blades. The vessel is anchored in the engine and drives the blades. Although their most common function is to make shakes , the higher potencies can also be used to crush ice, puree or mix foods.

2. The hand or arm mixer

Also known as "minipimer". In this case the motor is in a holder that we grasp with the hand. The support also has an anchor with which to hook the arm. Its main function is to grind , but you can attach different accessories that make it more versatile. The most common accessories are the rods and the picador.

3. The kneader and kneader

It is the pastry mixer as its function is to create masses. Within this section there are also different types:

The rod mixer : is similar to the hand mixer, but the support has different shape so that it can be better.

The kneader or kitchen robot : in this case, there is already a support in which the glass and the rod is fitted. They are much bigger and more powerful.

4. Buy a mixer by price

As in any small appliance, the price of the mixer will also determine its quality. The normal thing is to always find three ranges:

Cheap prices in blenders: in this basic range the powers are usually very small. This influences its strength and strength when grinding.

Average prices: the watts rise and with them the ability to crush. The power will allow you to get finer or softer textures. In this range you will also see better finishes.

Professional blenders : as we said, the price is in quality. In this range the power hits an important climb. Also, the normal thing is that almost all the apparatus is finished in stainless steel.

There are many models of blenders available in the market that you can choose from. All the important things mentioned above will help you find the best blender. You can also visit the most popular website called The JUZZ for more in-depth information on the most recommended ones.