Meladerm Skin Whitening/Lightening Cream For Uneven Skin Tone

1. skin lightening products for men and women

There are two reasons a man or woman will use beauty products: either he or she uses these products for himself or herself, or he or she has some external, usually society-based reasoning that creates an external standard of beauty. The first alternative has multiple positive consequences: women feel empowered by makeup, or enjoy altering their appearance, either for an extravagant event or just for its own purpose. However, the second reason tends to have both negative and positive consequences: the pressure to conform and other societal expectations can lead people to alter their appearance against their will. Skin Whitening/Lightening creams are found in both these categories: these products, depending on the circumstances, can be used both to empower and to belittle.

2. skin lightening cream for women

Regrettably, many women use skin lightening creams and other makeups to fit a standard for beauty rather than their own. Typically, a society has a “perfect look”: the beauty standard women should hold themselves to. Sadly, this standard is significantly narrower than it should be. Currently, even skin, without

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, is more important than ever. Women will use skin lightening creams to fit this standard. Furthermore, light skin is associated with a glowing quality; radiance comes from light sections of skin. This look is very sought after; women will go to great lengths to fit societal standards such as this.

3. Meladerm is the best skin lightening cream

I have had my own personal experience with skin lightening creams. I have always disliked the color of my underarm: I grow hair so fast, I am forced to shave almost every day, and the skin has darkened over time. I have taken to using

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to reverse this. My motives are mixed: light underarm fits my standard of beauty, partially as a result of societal pressures. However, as I usually wear sleeveless shirts in the summer, and have recently taken up swimming, it is important for me to be comfortable with my body: I enjoy that I can now show my underarms with more self-confidence.

4. Skin Lightening for all skin types

We should move away from such constricted standards of beauty.

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, regardless of their luminescence, balance, or tone, should be considered beautiful. Similarly, although colors and styles come and go, hair is just as controlled as skin: we should support more hair types and colors equally, regardless of if the hair is natural or dyed, short or long, thick or thin, or even bald. Strict, overbearing societal expectations result in damaged confidence and egos; body positive and universal beauty are important concepts and movements in our society that should be embraced. Skin lightening products should be used as a result of a personal preference in appearance, not a societal expectation dictating how our very skin should appear.

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