Small Outdoor Ceiling Fans


1. Outdoor Ceiling Fans vs. Misters

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to cool off your patio and outdoor area then check out what an outdoor ceiling fan or mister can do for you.

Outdoor ceiling fans come in a variety of designs and styles to suit your personal wants and cooling needs. There are two real choices you must make whenever purchasing an outdoor ceiling fan and those are the lighting and cooling options that the fan can offer you. First off there are several ceiling fans that will run on the basic four bulbs to help add a little light to your outdoor area for those evening barbeques, but if you are looking for something different you wonโ€™t be dissapointed. You have the option of purchasing bulbs that will shine brighter at the cost of extra electricy, or you have bulbs that will shine lower or the same amount as a normal bulb while utilizing the same amount of electricty. Those bulbs that run on lower watts will be better for the environment and reduce your electricty bill, but will produce a lighter tint of light. The other option you have is the amount of air the fan produces. Like with the bulbs you can purchase a fan decked out to produce extra cooling at the cost of electricty, or a fan that runs slower with less electricty. It all depends on your personal outlook on your impact on the environment and the amount of cooling and lighter you wish to achieve.

Misters on the other side of the outdoor cooling spectrum are great for cooling off during the day when the sun is at its hottest. What a mister does is produce a continuous fine spray of water from a connected source such as a water hose. Compared to an outdoor ceiling fan misters provide about the same if not more cooling effect of an outdoor fan but without running up the utility bill. Misters do not provide the lighting options that outdoor ceiling fans do, but there are some models out there that can have lighting fictures running all along the top of the mister. Unlike with outdoor ceiling fans misters do not soley depend on electricty that can run up your bill and damage the environment more with those high lit light bulbs. The only thing you have to worry about with misters is your water usage. With most models you can change the settings to put out a finer mist that will use less water, or more of a spray that uses more water. Either way will provide you with a constant flow of water that cools you off when sitting out in your patio area.

So overall outdoor ceiling fans and misters are both great ways to cool off and add a little style to your outdoor area during those hot summer days. Deciding between the two is up to you and your personal needs. If you are looking for more of a way to cool off then go with the mister, but if you are looking for a way to add some style, light, and cool yourself off then check out the outdoor ceiling fan. Altogether though they are both great additions to your outdoor or patio area.