8 Ways A beauty Queen Can Generate Power After a Disaster

What is the biggest issue after a catastrophe? The lack of power, right? No matter what kind of disaster it is. It can be a terrorist attack, a massive storm, a cyclone or deadly plague. In every case, one thing is guaranteed, the power will go for a long time. If you wait for the regular power supply, you might not survive. That is why you should have some alternative to make power supply of your own. There are various options to generate power after a disaster.

Here I am going to share 8 cool option to produce power again.

1. Solar Power

Do you know the main power source of this galaxy is Sun? We can generate electricity from the power of sun which is called the solar power. Though there are some devices needed to generate power from the sun, this is a one-time investment. This will provide a good amount of energy which is enough to survive on that moment. This is also a good source of power especially if you live in a house that as designed in with a good house plan.

2. Wind Turbine

Have you noticed that is some of the sea beaches, there is a turbine which runs from the power of wind? You can do the same process to generate power in your area after a disaster. To use the process, you needed to set the turbine in a place where you will get a good amount of air flow all the time. Air will run the turbine, and it will give you energy.

3. Hydroelectric Power

This is a good option if you have the necessary resources. The hydroelectric power source is enough to survive in the primary stage. There is no need of reserved energy in battery cells. The power comes from the flowing water.

4. Man Power

No matter in which area are you living. There will be enough manpower. You can use this power to generate electricity. If a man has enough energy to paddle a bicycle, he is ready to produce power for your area. You can change the person every time. This option is a very affordable one especially if you can reuse wooden pallet projects to design contraptions that can harness man power.

5. Water Wheels

This process work in the same manner as the hydroelectric power. There is no need for any worry until the flow of water stops. Water wheels produce enough power to fulfill the requirement for a few people. But this is not a good way to provide power for many people.

6. Steam Power

This is one of the old ways to generate power. Like the steam engine, you can run something with the power of steam. The fact is, you need to burn something to produce some energy. You can use woods and need to use the steam properly with the proper science.

7. Exercise Bike

Do you have an exercise bike? Okay, then start to use the bike to produce some energy. You need to combine the exercise bike with an alternator to generate power. The alternator needed to connect with an inverter to transform DC into AC.

8. Batteries

This is not a cheap way to produce energy. But you can use some dry cells to provide power for a good amount of time. This can be a good idea to use in the primary stage after the disaster.

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