What's the Hype with Gilmore Girls?

1. It's Just about Two Girls from Connecticut...

Exactly. The show is just about two girls (a mother and daughter, no less) from small town in Connecticut. Doesn't sound like the next groundbreaking show, right?

Well, as made evident by the Gilmore Girls Revival frenzy of 2017, wrong. The fact that this show, about two Caucasian women from CT, was and STILL is so immensely popular hints at something bigger.

2. So...It's Not Just about Two Girls from Connecticut?

Well, no, you're right about that. That's the summary in six words. However, at the risk of sounding cliche, it's about a lot more than a once struggling, single mother and her the-potential-for-a-better-life daughter. Actually, at the risk of not caring about cliches, Gilmore Girls (GG) is about so much more than two girls from CT.

3. Okay, so then What's It about?

Patience, please!

Though patience isn't something one will learn from watching Gilmore Girls. What I mean by that is -- there are no breaks, no pauses, no time to process in GG. Everything is fast, fast, fast. This beautifully written show is known for its rapid fire dialogue, drenched in pop culture references and historical facts. If you don't feel intellectually stimulated after watching GG, that means you're smarter than me...in which case, I shouldn't have to explain to you why this show is a masterpiece.

4. It's Fast, so What?

Imagine reacting to all your problems, your experiences, your life with all those witty comebacks you think of after the fact. You know the ones, where you go home after an argument and realize all the things you could've said if you just had a time machine. These two women rarely had those moments (I say rarely because Rory, the daughter, has a lot of that infamous adolescence awkwardness). So it's both satisfying to see these women argue and debate with such intellect, but they are never unfamiliar. We can all relate to our mouths sometimes working faster than our minds.

5. Okay, so They're Super Smart. That's Not Enough to Make a Great Show

They're still people, so of course, they have their problems. Lorelai (the mother) has a quick mind that gets her into more trouble than anything else, whereas Rory can't seem to get out her own thoughts. That's our first juxtaposition represented in mother and daughter. Then, Lorelai's complex relationship with her affluent parents is in stark contrast to her own comforting relationship with her admirable daughter. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the show's creator and one of the reoccurring writers, produced a similar atmosphere to that of Dickinson's "A Tale of Two Cities." We get the best of times and we get the worst times. Though a lot about their small Connecticut town is seemingly perfect, life is still flawed for these Gilmore Girls. This show is authentic, and familiar, and still somehow foreign; it's one of the best representations of this ambiguous life.

6. So It's Legit, Cool. but Why Was It and is It so Popular?

The answer isn't that complicated. I'll give a real life example: me. I was (and still can be) a timid girl who has a hard time getting out of her own head. I immediately related to Rory as she stumbled over words in front of her first crush. I felt actual butterflies in my stomach when Rory packed various books on an excursion, though people often pointed out that it would be impossible to read all of those books in one day. Her response: "I take a book with me everywhere. It's just a habit." I mean, absolutely no one in my family understood that. Even now, almost no one understands that. Unless that person is writer Amy Sherman-Palladino. Unless they themselves are a bookworm. Unless they see a little bit of themselves in the shy, book hungry Rory Gilmore. It was the answer to prayers; it was a show that had two leading LADIES, ladies who weren't primarily concerned with fashion and boys, and ladies who were just as intelligent as the men around them, if not more.

7. So Basically What You're Saying is It's Just Another Show That Girls Can Relate to?

Alright, who are you and why are you like this? What I'm saying is that it is a show for everyone, everyone who believes that girls and boys and women and men and humans are inherently equal. It is more importantly, a show for girls who rarely see themselves represented as anything other than the "nerdy," "geeky," "unpopular" girl. It is a show for lovers of literature, cinema, television, history, music, and more. If you love something, Gilmore Girls has probably discussed it.

8. Okay, Okay, No Need to Get All Defensive. You Gilmore Girl Fans Go Hard

Look, all I'm saying is...watch it. Just watch one episode. It doesn't even have to be the first (though why would you want to miss out on Rory's adorable adolescence, the introduction of the Gilmore grandparents, and Luke and Lorelai's early flirting)? Just watch it, please.

Then we can talk over coffee.

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