Indian head Massage benefits at Samsara Mind and Body


1. what is indian head massage

Head Massage has been practiced in India, China and ancient Egypt from thousands of years. Indian Head Massage treats the upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, face and scalp while working with the energy centers in the body. Apart from promoting extreme level of vigilance and concentration, Indian Head Massage provides instant relief in tension and stress signs. It also brings soothing, calming and entirely relaxing feel.

While Indian Head Massage treatment at Samsara Yoga, Beauty and Massage Centre in Wandsworth, London you’ll get the real traditional Indian head massage from highly qualified, fully trained massage specialists having years of experience serving the Londoners for relaxing their mind and body.

Indian head massage is an energetic stress-breaking therapy on the muscular tissues of the neck, shoulders, head, scalp and face which works to relax the body and provides relief to uphold harmony, prevents headaches and migraine. By providing relief from mental and bodily stress, it unfastens pain, stress, tension and mental & physical disturbance.

Indian Head Massage is strongly recommended and always proved useful to provide relieve from headaches, sinusitis, migraine, eye-strain. It also helps in enhancing concentration level and breaking muscles tension in the neck and shoulders and face.

2. Benefits of Indian Head Massage:

Following are some of the benefits of Indian Head Massage benefits anyone can get:

It is magically energetic stress-breaking

It fuels and recovers scalp circulation resulting strong growing hair. (Thus it is a cool hair treatment)

It takes away tension and stiffness from the jaws and soothes out entire face muscles

Indian Head Massage releases muscular strain and helps proper blood circulation

It also tones up by harmonizing tissues of neck and shoulders which provides extra evenness and serenity

It simply stimulates liveliness and vibrant energy flow that imparts a unique feel of calmness.

3. When Indian Head Massage is recommended:

Indian Head Massage is recommended for anyone looking for relaxation, mental and physical relieve from tiredness and stiffness. Indian head massage is a must for the following symptoms:

A. headaches

B. Mental and physical Stiffness & tiredness

C. Shoulder, neck, joint tension.

D. Migraine.

E. Eye strain.

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