Can CBD Help Treat Seizures? Find out What Really Works

1. What is a Seizure?

A seizure is a sudden rapid rise of electrical activity in the brain, and it greatly affects a person’s behavior and current state of mind for a short period of time. Complex chemical changes are attributed towards this sudden rise in electrical activity, and during these chemical changes brain cells actually over excite and become incapable of sending messages. As a result, either there is no activity or too much activity. In both cases, an imbalance develops resulting in a seizure. Having two seizures without any known condition is the diagnosis of epilepsy, which is the fourth most common neurological disorder characterised by seizures that cannot be predicted.

2. Is there a cure for seizures?

It is quite obvious that this condition makes it impossible to follow daily routine tasks of everyday life. Sadly, there is no cure for this condition. However, treatments may help. Traditional treatment options involve using a number of pharmaceutical drugs that come with a host of negative side-effects, and often doesn’t give the desired results. Side-effects may include headaches, liver failure, double vision, weight gain, disturbances in sleep, impotence and even mood alterations. It is because of this range of side effects that epileptic patients are seeking an alternative treatment option, and recently CBD or Cannabidiol Oil has gained more relevance as an alternative treatment option for epilepsy.

3. Does CBD Oil results in ‘high’ feeling?

An epileptic patient has no chance of getting the ‘high’ feeling with the use of CBD oil, as the ‘high’ feeling is caused by another chemical called THC. Moreover, CBD Oil is extracted from hemp which has a negligible amount of THC as compared to its presence in regular marijuana strains.

4. What is the best brand for CBD Oil?

Multiple brands are currently present for CBD Oil, but out of all the available brands CW Hemp seems to be one of the most popular in the industry, at least in terms of creating CBD Oil

. Having received multiple awards and being present for more than a decade, CW Hemp is undoubtedly one of the best current sources to get your CBD oil. In fact, many patients have reported their formula to be perfect for both seizures and pain.

5. CBD or Cannabidiol Oil

Plants falling into the category of cannabis have several different chemical compounds with anticonvulsant properties. However, it's known that much of these anticonvulsant properties is derived from CBD or Cannabidiol.

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