CLIP IN HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS: Why is it a good investment?


Hair extensions have increased its popularity in women not in Australia, but mainly across the globe. Hair extensions come in different forms, techniques, materials, lengths and prices. This revolutionary hair accessory has changed hair fashion dramatically and has been a favorite to most celebrities like JLo, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen and many more!

Why it is some clip in hair extensions cost so much?

First thing we need to think of is that they are not created equal. The primary factor that helps us understand its pricing is the material used to manufacture these hair extensions. If you buy clip in hair extensions that will only charge your pocket $40 to $80 dollars, there’s is a very high possibility that you are getting yourself synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are perfect for those who want to achieve voluminous and longer hair for a cheaper price, but the downside that you should be prepared about is the shorter lifespan and its tendency to easily get damaged when applying heat and improper hair care practice. If you are looking for occasional use of hair extensions but do not wish to go beyond $100, Synthetic clip in hair extensions will be your best bet.

Another most popular material being widely used in the hair extensions industry is the so called human hair. Well, true to its name, clip in human hair extensions are designed and manufactured using real human hair that are ethically sourced from reliable, healthy donors. And because donors really invest in growing healthy hair to sell to businesses, this is the primary reason why it costs more than your synthetic hair extensions. This type of extensions undergoes extensive sorting at the factory by experts to ensure that every strand that you’d find in your hair set is certified to be in top condition.

Other factors that may affect the cost of hair extensions also include the amount and length of hair in a set. The thicker and longer the hair you want to put on your head, the more that it would cost money. The standard ideal amount will mainly depend on the length and volume of your natural hair. If you want to sport that voluminous long hair, then it obviously would require you to spend more compared to just wanting to achieve a shorter and medium thick hairstyle. Durability is also one of the most important factor that helps dictate the cost of hair extensions. There are certain ones that will last longer than the others. Generally, the ones that lasts longer are those that are considered to be high-end and demands a higher price and they normally last for more than 12-months even with regular use.

What is the best clip in hair extensions?

Function, Durability and Value for money are the most important factors to consider when shopping for clip in hair extensions. Getting a set that is made of 100% Real Human Hair will definitely not disappoint and will surely deliver its promises. Truly, there are tons of cheap clip hair extensions available in the market. If the goal is to save some buck, then opt for cheaper hair extensions. But think again. Yes, it costs you less than real human hair clip ins, but given that it wouldn’t last you long, chances are you would end up spending more due to repetitive purchase of that same product each time previous set gets damaged from improper hair care or styling.

Clip in hair extensions come in different prices based on several factors. It now boils down to your actual goal on what you want to achieve with clip in hair extensions. If you do not mind getting hair extensions that would only last you 6 to 10 months probably, with limited funds to willingly spend on it, options are available like synthetic extensions. However, if you want to go for durability that also delivers value for money, then go get clip in human hair extensions. It may cost you more at first, but it will eventually turn out to be the best investment you’d ever put your money on, given the best value that this product offers.