Improve Oral Health with Simple and Affordable Home Remedies


Oral health problems are affecting millions of people worldwide because of inadequate hygiene and natural lifecycle of teeth. From childhood to old age, a person suffers from several dental issues that are chronic and painful. In most of the cases, the reason of tooth problem is ignorance of oral hygiene. Unhealthy teeth or gums is not just a health problem, but also become the reason for embarrassment on many occasions. Bad breathe while interacting publically or yellow teeth while smiling can ruin your entire personality. A session with professional dentist is costly that everyone cannot afford. That is why people ignore small oral problems that turn into severe after some time. If proper attention is paid on a regular basis, there will be no more tooth pain, bad breathe or unhealthy gums.

Severe Consequences That One Can Face Due To Oral Health Problems

Never consider teeth problems lightly, because they can be dangerous enough to put your life at risk. There are some serious consequences of unhealthy mouth that you will come to know in the below article:-

1) High risk of developing diabetes because gum diseases can increase the sugar level in the body. A person who is already suffering from diabetes also faces difficulty to control it at a safe level.

2) The risk of serious health diseases like cardiovascular also increases with bad oral health. The bacteria causing periodontal disease travel to the bloodstream and produce plaque to block arteries. It increases the chances of heart attack in people who are already facing high cholesterol problem.

3) Oral health problems can also become the reasons for deadly diseases like cancer. Smoking decays the teeth enamel and turns their colour into dark brown or black. These are just the indications of serious cancers in the throat, mouth, kidney and blood.

4) Pregnant ladies may also face serious health problems due to the poor oral health maintenance. A mother suffering from periodontal disease is highly prone to affecting her child with early birth and weight loss.

5) Ignoring oral health can also badly impact on your sex life too. Gum diseases in women can lead to infertility, whereas men face erectile dysfunction. The bacteria travel through the blood and cause inflammation in vessels. The blockage of blood flow in the genital area decreases the chances of erection.

Easy Tips to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

1) Prevention from Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is increasing worldwide due to the wrong brushing habit and smoking. Every tooth is protected by a layer called enamel that prevents tiny blood vessels from any sensation. This enamel depletes if you are using a hard brush or consume tobacco products. It is recommended to use fluoride based desensitising toothpaste that reconstructs the enamel layer. Citrus foods with high acidic level are also the reasons of sensitivity, thus reduce their consumption. Use a good quality charcoal teeth whitener that removes plaque but not the enamel. Replace your old brush with the sensitive toothbrush of soft bristles.

2) Periodontitis Prevention

If you are facing issues like bad breath, swollen gums, bleeding or lose teeth, there must be a chance of periodontal disease. Poor oral hygiene results in plaque building and bacterial infestation. If the bacteria have already started attacking your gums, use a tea-tree based toothpaste or massages your teeth with tea-tree oil. Rinse your mouth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water for a few seconds. It kills the bacteria and prevents from growing again. Use a teeth whitening gel that wipes out all derbies responsible for pale yellow teeth. Aloe Vera is also an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent that can reduce the symptoms of periodontitis if massage several times on teeth regularly.

3) Toothache

The reasons for toothache can be the cavities or swollen gums that can further result in severe issues. Some home remedies can be used as preventive measures. Massage the gums with clove oil, use ice bags on sores and rinse with salt water. Of the pain is occurring due to sensitivity, genteelly massage your gums with a desensitising toothpaste. It gives immediate relief.

Sparkling white teeth are the important parts of an individual’s personality. Some home remedies and websites like can be the affordable solutions to teeth whitening and prevention from damage. All you need is to spare some minutes from the busy schedule of regular work for oral health.