How to Be Sexy and Look Sexy


1. Casual, Classy Yet Sexy Apparels:

Choose carefully what to wear. Never assume showing more makes you sexier. Wearing booty shorts, skin-tight clothes showing tons of skin does not makes you look sexy instead it shows that you are trying too much. Choose your clothes according to your body; never over-expose and never stay fully covered. Carry yourself in an attire which suits you rather then wearing trendy stuff that does not suits you. Try making out some classy combination that can makes you look sexy without over exposing. Like if you are wearing short skirt wear it with more coverage like a full sleeved shirt. Be very specific about color combinations and wear those which goes with your skin’s color. Wear unique, slip in heels.

2. Accentuate Your Core Assets:

“If you have got it, then flaunt it”. Wear sophisticated tights, expose but do not make it look vulgar. Expose your belly, arched butts wear sophisticated skinny apparel this attracts attention toward your core assets but remember to carry it elegantly. Their is a very thin line in looking sexy and vulgar when you are exposing keep that thin line in your mind and expose.

3. Be Confident:

Believe in yourself stay confident while communicating. Make yourself believe that you are looking sexy and gorgeous. Don’t shy while talking, keep a big smile on your face, express yourself, reach out and touch man while communicating with him it makes him believe that your are paying full attention to him only.