Horoscope for Friday, March 31 ...



Things may be touch-and-go for a while, so you need to be prepared to draw on some resources that you haven`t had occasion to use for a while. If you`re caught between the rock of love and the hard place of finances, perhaps it`s time that you laid all your cards on the table. Let it be known that you made certain mistakes in planning and that some things need to be changed. This isn`t to say that you must accept all the responsibility; rather, you`re just trying to make positive changes in your life.


The various elements are ceasing to be entities unto themselves and are beginning to be part of the bigger and broader picture. Things are snapping into focus much more easily than you thought they could have just a few days ago. You not only see that other person`s intentions, but you`re also getting a very good read on your own. Use the new wisdom to build yourself up rather than to tear another person down. Within your newfound vision you will find the key to a treasure.


Doesn`t it feel good to be noticed, at least every once in a while? Right now, you don`t have to wear purple polka dots or loud plaid pants to get everyone`s attention. You`re causing a stir because you`re simply being yourself. Although you`re a bit shy and tend to leap out of the limelight when it falls on you, you`re enjoying this period of popularity. Bask in the glow, and don`t forget to wear your best accessory: your smile.

β™ˆοΈ ARIES

You`re not only ready, willing and able to venture out into the unknown, but you`re also ready to conquer the land for the good of all humanity. You can take out the bad guys and instill a world based on love, compassion and responsibility. You say that none of this is true? Perhaps you have yet to consider all the possibilities. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you. You only have to know when and where to look for them. You hold more keys than you think.


Take a vacation from the troubled land you have chosen to keep yourself in over the last few weeks. It seems that more than a few people are getting tired of hearing you gripe about things they feel you can control. The problem isn`t so much that you`re powerless, regardless of what you`ve been telling yourself. The problem is that you really are more able and powerful than you want to realize. What should you do? Try to understand and appreciate the magic that is at your disposal.


If you`ve been stretching the rules or ignoring them completely, you may have cause to worry. On the other hand, if you have been sticking to the tried and true plan and keeping everything in its proper place, then you can relax for a while. Those who know you are very well aware of your ability to see through the facade and dig out the truth. They`re also aware that even though it`s not like everyone else`s, you do have your own moral code.


You`re not going to be able to control everything and everybody -- so you may as well stop trying. There is, however, much that you can direct. Perhaps over the next few days you need to concentrate on the differences between these two very different sets of circumstances. While the distinction may not always be easy to make, you`ll be glad you put in the extra effort once you do make it. This isn`t the time to be lazy or to take things for granted. It`s time for wisdom and discernment.

β™ŒοΈ LEO

Just as you learn one new trick, you find that there are countless others that you`re expected to know. Are life`s demands leaving you a little discouraged when you crawl into bed at night? If so, perhaps it`s time that you exercised your right to proclaim that enough is indeed enough. At no time did you sign a contract saying that you had to be an expert at everything. Feel free to delegate, to ask for help and to claim ignorance. This will not only make life easier on you, but on those around you as well.


Consider the parable of the three Zen masters who encounter a bramble bush that has grown across a road and rendered the path impassable. The first decides to fly over it, the second decides to walk around it, while the third dives right into the thicket. Right now, you`re most like the last master. You`re now faced with a monster of an obstacle in your life, and you must decide how to get past it. If you accept that you can get through it quickly, but not painlessly, you`ll emerge as a new person.


The world is imperfect, and it seems the degree of imperfection always goes up a notch or two whenever you`re involved in a super-delicate operation or project. If you accept right now that you`ll be dealing with the crises as much as the original plan, you`ll be much better off. Luckily for you, however, it`s within the flaws that you`ll find more than a few little doors that will take you to higher -- and better -- planes of existence.


You may be confusing a need to be free with a need to feel safe. Emotional wounds from the distant past still tend to sting you now and again, and they`re controlling you when you should be controlling them. Do what you can to get in touch with those deepest feelings. Right now things are stacking up so that you`ll soon be in a wonderful position. You`ll be able to reacquaint yourself with the wisdom you gathered without putting yourself through all the old-style turmoil.


Your internal urges and your better judgment seem to be at odds yet again. Which voice are you going to listen to? While usually this situation gets rather complex, right now the answer is pretty darned simple. You may as well go out with your pals, crash the party and let your hair down. A little hedonism never hurt anybody, especially somebody who works as hard as you do. If there ever was a time to splurge and to take advantage of a rare opportunity, this is it.

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