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Tackle chores this week and they're easy, you'll get lots done, and co-workers are pleasant. Relations heat up with someone, or stay heated in love or enmity. All week, you have a thought about money, how to make it or spend it in the best way. If you're unemployed, seek work this week. You can charm people in monetary negotiations, career and business spheres these days. This week also features a subtle but significant turning point in a monetary or personal relationship. Power and affection pull different ways around the weekend.


Love, romance, beauty, speculation, creativity, pleasure, vacation, and the joys of love bless you this week. You'll face a choice between the more potent and the least potent relationship for now. The urge to socialize would be just great this week. To not while away your time, put quality work into it. The week is an ambitious, subtly alienating urge-holding period. Reject it. Your outlook's mellow and tolerant and speaks of love, and travel. Go on a long break or drive for long around the weekend.


You have to choose between home, family, security or real estate on the one hand, and ambition, prestige on the other. Home's the better choice. In extreme cases, you'd be better off to end than change careers. This entire week blesses you in home, rest, spiritual and similar areas. Your dealings with government agencies and institutions will succeed, so initiate them. The week is however mysterious, intriguing. Grasp a golden opportunity as it comes your way. Wisdom, love, understanding flow to you mid-week. Chase ambitions, if it won't harm home matters. Your optimism, happiness grow as the week ends.

β™ˆοΈ ARIES

The accent this week lies on communications, short trips, casual contacts, curiosity, and detailed works. Rumours and news, tend to be more and more true as the week ages. The week accurately shows you where luck lies, and what the reality is, in your career or prestige ambitions. Mid-week could trigger unexpected work luck, but this week is also great for love and romance. Seek deep answers, investigate, invest or pursue intimacy for the period. A legal or love matter reaches a climax mid-week.


Chase money this week, Taurus. Your luck's high all this week in earnings, purchases and selling. Seek lucrative clients, ask for a pay raise, etc. A situation builds this week in a relationship's deep side, and in the financial area. This could bring love, but it might also bring a subtle struggle. Do insist on your own interests, and do not yield to another's dominance. If necessary, just turn away. Investments need caution. Work succeeds all the week. Love, opportunities and negotiations are blessed for now. Love, travel and career are blessed too.


Your energy, charisma, and effectiveness ride a lucky wave this week. Love, romance, creativity, beauty and pleasure await you for the week ahead. Tackle chores with commitment. Relationships command attention and deep things occur between you and others, right now. A subtle alienation and a fascination could arise, perhaps. Attraction and enmity reach a climax. It's an odd situation, you're attractive, but the other is stubborn. Applies in love and business. Everything's semi-hidden, underground forces play between you. It leads to commitment, intimacy, funding or a break-off around the weekend.


Your energy's low, but your assertiveness is high this week, Cancer. Do proceed carefully and wisely. Concentrate on administrative actions, delegating tasks. Handle red tape, plan an ambitious career or business move or project. Your sociability is productive, so gather allies. Otherwise, enjoy the sweet solitude and blissful contemplation that come now. Beauty, pleasure and romantic dreams fill your days ahead. Do speculate a little in stocks, create a bit in art. Work and duties fill the week and something significant takes place silently in this arena. Relationships are lucky, testy, and dreamy around the weekend.

β™ŒοΈ LEO

Your hopes and wishes could come true this week and the next few, Leo. Life treats you to a long wave of optimism, popularity, entertainment, light romance and general joy of living. There's a certain destiny afoot if a romance begins now and you could fall madly in love this week. Reserve the rest of this week for clear-eyed appraisals of your situation. The period is just great for travel, curiosity and conversations. Be home, quietly recuperate or shore up your security. Chores call on you, but love, opportunities become more successful around the weekend.


You're lucky in career, ambitions, parental role, community status and relations with VIPs. This week and the next few, you can add impetuous and drive to that luck. Charge ahead Virgo. A family, real estate or security situation could fight against your success in career for now. If so, you'll have to find a solution, compromise or meeting point. This arises most obviously around the middle of the week. Chase money or make a lucky purchase these days. Travel, paperwork, calls fill mid-week. Romance, beauty, pleasure and creative surges arrive as the week progresses on a positive note.


This week, a casual remark or conversation, a little something that piques your curiosity, seems to hint at deep and meaningful consequences or pathways. In doing so, it contradicts your own moral, philosophical, or logical ideas. If you're planning to marry or attend university or travel abroad, something or the other puts you in doubt. Ignore the small remarks, they come from a place of questionable motive. Your own convictions, love, are sweet and blessed all this week. Seek security, home, but accept romance, when it comes around the weekend.


Lie low, rest this week, Scorpio. Your energy and charisma bounce back now and you'll regain your direction, set projects on a firm new footing, make changes that benefit your lifestyle, finances, and intimate life. Through the week ahead, avoid legal hassles, but do accept employment duties that involve legal, travel, or teaching jobs. A sensual, purchasing or monetary opportunity awaits you mid-week. It could create benefits in security, family, or retirement. Grab it by the horns. Your memory or logic tells you one thing but general advise tells you another. Listen, be flexible, accommodative for the end of the week.


Relationships are the core themes this week, Sag. Be diplomatic, flexible and realize others hold the aces and can open the door for you to advance. Be sociable, teasing, flirting, but not argumentative. A wish could come true if you don't insist that you alone possess the truth. Retreat, rest, contemplate, plan during mid-week. Deal with red tape, institutions if you must. If not, avoid them. Your energy and charisma rise nicely and you might run into an alluring person. Your vivacity, cheerfulness can trigger opportunities, especially in social, love, travel, relocation, business and work arenas this week.

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