Drugstore Face Masks for Acne

You don't have to spend lots of money to reap the benefits. Check these drugstore miracles out and you can thank me later.

1. Feeling beautiful

This line is heaven sent. I love everything from Freeman's. The mint & lemon is deep cleansing and helps heal breakouts. The strawberry & chocolate is so delicious it makes me so hungry at times but this product definitely does what it says. Now for sensitive skin types, your best friend is the avocado & oatmeal. It keeps your skin calm and reduces redness. Lastly, for those who love gratification with peeling dead skin off your face to reveal a bright and clear complexion- the cucumber mask is it. best part? It's less then 5 bucks and you can buy it at Walmart.

2. papaya mask

There's a reason this is top rated. The magic behind enzymes is that it breaks down dead skin cells, produces a bright and glowy complexion, help get rid of any acne scars and can be used up to twice a week followed by your daily skincare routine. It smells delicious as well too.

3. one minute magic

I swear by these masks. The results are instant! They provide tightened pores, a clearer complexion and by the next morning your pimple is reduced by half in size. When I feel a cystic pimple coming on ( it hurts so much) I use this mask in conjunction with my other acne products. I do feel that it does speed up the process by drawing out all the impurities out of my skin. The best part? Once applied, you're just suppose to rub it in for one minute and wash off with lukewarm water.

4. yes to carrots

This a new mask I started using recently. I have sensitive acne prone skin - that happens to be combination. I'm happy to say this product hasn't broken me out, it doesn't sting or burn and it does provide results with continued use. It doesn't smell bad either!

5. What do you guys use?

I talk about only products I've used before to filter out the bad and provide you guys with the good masks your skin will thank you for

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