Kuidas te saate olla 10 korda ilusam kasutades Just Kookosõli on...


Kahtlust, olete ilmselt kuulnud kõik imeline asju kookosõlist teha saab. Lisaks kasutavad seda oma cooking, on ka terve hulk Ilu kasutab seda ka. Lülitades kookosõlist oma ilu rutiinset, saate kergesti vaadata ja tunda oma parima ilma veeta ton aega ja raha. Siin on parimaid viise, kuidas teha ise ilusamaks on jar kookosõlist. See on lihtne ja lõbus!

1. Coconut Oil Makes an Outstanding Hair Mask

If your hair is lacking the shine and luster you want, coconut oil is the magic cure. It needs to be softened to a liquid, which you can do by bringing the jar into the shower with you. Once soft, apply the oil to your hair and massage it throughout. Twist your hair into a bun and let the oil sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

2. Add Moisture Back into Dry Skin

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and you can apply it in solid form to any of the skin on your body. Simply scoop up a generous amount and then massage it into our entire body. You’ll want to do this right after a shower when your skin is still damp. Be sure to rub it in completely so that the oil doesn’t transfer to your clothes when you get dressed.

3. Get Rid of Puffy, Dark Circles under Your Eyes

Keegi ei taha ärkama tume kottis silmad, kuid me ka vihkan võttes kulutada tonni raha kreemid probleemi lahendamiseks. Lülitab välja võite salvestada need dollarit ja soojendatud kookosõlist näputäis selle asemel kasutada. RUB väike soomuslest sõrmede vahelt ja pat on naha all silmad. Sa ei kavatse armastan tulemused!

4. Heal Sore, Flaky Chapped Lips

Coconut oil is one of the best lip balms you’ll ever use. I like to apply it at night before I go to bed so that I can wake up to smooth, hydrated lips every morning. Use your finger to scoop up a small bit of solid coconut oil and apply it liberally to your lips. You can do this as often as necessary to heal and soothe a chapped kisser.

5. kasutada kookosõlist teha Body Scrub

Regular exfoliation is necessary to keep your skin clean and healthy. It helps remove built up products, dirt, grime and bacteria from your pores, helping keep breakouts and blemishes at bay. Combine equal amounts liquid coconut oil and white sugar and use the mixture in the shower to gently exfoliate your entire body. You’ll be amazed at how smooth and fresh your skin feels when you get out.

6. Treat Eczema with Coconut Oil and Oatmeal

Make a homemade remedy for eczema by blending oats into a fine powder and combining them with liquid coconut oil. Let the mixture harden, then rub it into your eczema prone skin several times per day. The oats alleviate itching and coconut oil helps control the symptoms of eczema. It really works!

7. Get Your Cuticles and Fingernails into Tip Top Shape

Rub coconut oil into your fingernails and cuticles and they’ll always stay strong, healthy and hydrated. This is easy to do and a totally effective way to keep your hands looking youthful and lovely. A couple of times each week is all you need to get the results you want.

Did you know that coconut oil could do so many magical things? Which of these will you be trying today? What other uses do you know of for coconut oil?

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