7 Quick and Easy Indian Recipes


Indian food is full of flavours and masalas and is famous for its lip smacking dishes. So today lets relish some Indian recipes which are easy to cook and can be made by anyone very quickly. The recipes here are given which are finely written with step by step description and images. Enjoy and will wait for your comments!!!

1. Simple Rice Pudding Recipe / Kheer

Rice pudding is found almost every where in the world but in India its a traditional sweet made with lots of flavours and love. So try this simple dessert recipe given with step by step description here

2. Crispy Potato & Peanut fritters recipe

The fired pakoras here is given a twist. Pakoras are fried fritters. This simple twist is just amazing to try..

3. khichadi or indian porridge recipe

This is the most loved food in any Indian family. Simple , quick and very easy to digest yet most relished recipe. So why not try it today...

4. Quick Cucumber Carrot Pickle with Mustard Dressing

With Khichadi or other dishes Indians love to have pickles. So here is a very quick and easy pickle which anyone can get it ready in minutes. No wait ..

5. Easy Kashmiri Pulao / Rice recipe

This is a step by step recipe of one of the most flavourful dishes of India - Kashmiri pulao. Its delicious, aromatic and just authentic. Very easy to make recipe , try it today ....

6. Mango lassi recipe

Summers are very hot in India so they prefer amazing cooling drinks. And one of them is lassi which is thick yogurt mixed with varieties of dry fruits or just fruits. Mango Lassi is really quick and easy recipe for that scorching summer heat. You can find this recipe in the app in the Quick Desserts section.

7. quick and easy lemon rice

This is one of the quickest dish I have every made. Though simple its just yummy and fills your stomach faster when you have those bad cravings after the job or college. Find it in the "Homely foods" section in the app

Hope you might have enjoyed this small list of quick and easy Indian recipes. Please let me know how you liked it and you can check out more recipes @ www.bachelorrecipe.com