A secret Guide to wearing Flats this Season


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No! Flats no more comes with a fashion faux pas label, they officially have the street style stamp of approval, (Finally!). From Hollywood Celebs to fashion Critics, all are going nuts over this booming trend. They are shamelessly trading high pointy heels with flats. I mean who wants aching soles and pinched toes- no one in their right mind. They want comfort and happy feet all day long, which only flats can deliver. Letโ€™s peek into the cool Girl Guide to wearing flats with every outfit like a pro.


Lacy outfits are the trendiest this season, so does the lace up flats this season. Oh yes! For your Picasso to take the attention wear them up with a monochrome look or a simple neutral-hued sundress.


To give your height an extra inch or for the illusion of elongated legs, wear gladiator flats with shorter dresses with mini hemlines, probably cut- offs.


For a fresh, casual chic look, settle on Criss-cross strappy flats with pin striped jumpsuit. To complete the look, pull out your edgy handbag and pull up your statement sun glasses.


If you are restocking your flats department, divulge in the metallic pair. They can even make the boring, casual look into a cool and classier one.


Go monochrome from head to toe (flats). Who say we canโ€™t pull off same colour tone throughout. Yes you absolutely can. Try this out!


What type to flats to wear with outfits? Go for pee toes or pointy-toe with long skirts or flared dresses. They gel well.


Youโ€™ll be surprised but flats work out diligently well with the skirt-suit combo. Stock up a buckled, patent leather style for a pulled-together look.


Ballet flats are old-school. Look for more intricate and ornate designs like cut-outs and cap-toe oxfords. The more complex details, the better the look and feel.


Want to pull of classy and casual look together. Team up the pin striped or printed pants with a pair of sneakers. Youโ€™ll be glad with the results.


Cropped pants work just as well with sneaker as with the sky high heels. Pair them up with the colour block sneakers for a casual and chic style.


Think you can't pull off the socks fashion with flats? Yes you can! Opt for thin, printed socks that peek out over your favourite oxfords flats.

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