10 Ways to Wear Wide Leg Trouser Pants This Season


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If you browse through the cruise of fashion portals and celebrity style magazines, one thing will adamantly catch your attention and that is – Wide leg trousers that have taken the fashion industry by a storm. The looser and considerably wider silhouette is etched on every pant style from jeans to casual jumpsuits. There is no end in sight to this trend anytime soon. So take maximum advantage of this slouchy look and explore its contours with these 10 way easy style tips.


The core key to master that Wide Leg Pants game is by way of balancing proportions from head to toe. Pick up a fitted skin tight camisole or a blouse and tuck it inside tailored jeans for a flattering look.


Want to add a little fun. Stock up a bright vibrant printed wide leg pant and pair it with a neutral-hued blouse or keep the rest of the piece in subtle or contrasting colours.


Paint suits look chic perfect when worn strategically. Opt for a wide leg pant with the matching blazer on the top and a printed tee for a pull-together look.


Pants with wider and voluminous ends are a statement in itself. A pair of White oxford shirt and a black wide leg pant can never go out of the fashion window. It’s classic and ethereal.


Don’t hesitate to pull your look a notch up with statement accessories. Add a personal touch to your wide leg pant look with an edgy handbag and eye catching shoes.


Let your wide leg pants explore the corporate World. Pair them up with a matching blazer and a contrasting blouse for the season and office ready look.


Yes you can pull it off. What? The jumpsuit that cinches in partially near the waist and gradually flares out completely till the end. Bottom Wide leg Jumpsuits are way too classy to avoid.


There is a classic combo that you wish to master like a pro. Tank tops and wide-leg jeans are a match made in heaven. The fitted top complements the loose ends thoroughly.


Belts are your attire’s best friend. Encase the waist of your favourite wide-leg trouser pants to create an extra angle in between.


Wide leg overalls are the embodiment of classiness. Pair them up with a sky high stellitoes to prevent the mopping, and a statement clutch to slay everything in its way.

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