How to make wearing sky high heels more Bearable


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We all are aware of the fact that wearing high heels are not doing wonders for our health. With fall season around the corner, it’s time to add on some extra inches again. But! But! But! With little extra height come extra incentives. Pinched toes, aching soles and throbbing heels are some of those perks are we are willing to give up at all costs. So let’s bundle up few tips and tricks to make your heel wear experience more comfortable and pain free.

1. Pitch Pristine

Very few of you are aware of the word pitch in heels vocabulary. Basically, it’s the inclination of the shoe’s sole, and at what degree it lies. So if you wish to avoid hurting your feet at the end of the day then it’s preferred you opt for a gentle slope to avoid aching soles. Go for heels with gentle land, to have more congenial experience.

2. Perfecting your Walk

Your posture does define what you’re feet going to feel like at the end of the day. A perfect and straighter posture not only adds to your beauty and confidence, it also assist you in avoiding heavy clomping that can make heels hurt even more. Picture yourself as a perfectly masquerade ballerina, the next time you hop around in heels. You’ll get to experience a marginal difference once you know a hop to your step is bit more helpful than a heavy pounding.

3. Correct Contour

Shape matter? Depends on what type of shape you’re actually looking for. OK! Without much beating around the bush, let us affix our focus straight to the point in question. The shape of your foot does matter and those who are gifted with wider foot often end up snatching wider width shoes, solely considering the level of comfort and foot health. With god’s grace we are no more in the clutches of pointy toed stellitoes. A wider and a thicker heel is always entrusted to provide more support and comfort, and so does a platform sole. Don’t live under a false pretence of wedges providing long lasting comfort, high, edgy, thin wedges are just as painful as a thin heel, so opt for stubby if you can.

4. Mystery behind Moleskin and Insoles

Moleskin is basically thin cotton that is designed to help mitigate the pain from blister and calluses with adhesive padding that provides the much needed traction that we’ll never get from a standing bandage. Gel insoles are other appreciators that rest at the ball of your foot inside your shoes to alleviate the pain from the aching soles. The more you hop around in high heels, the more the fat surrounding that area gets pushed aside, divulging sole to hard bone underneath.

5. Shop Wisely

Eventually, you’ll end up getting what you are actually paying for. If you are going with “easy on the pocketbook” heels, be sure you are ready to follow up with the consequent results. The cheaper the heel and the cheaper the materials, the more hell it’ll bring to your foot. Kosher leather forms to your foot and provides flexibility and movement that inexpensive material can’t provide. So bargain buy at your own will. But you can’t guarantee fit and comfort with an expensive pair also. So shop rationally!

6. Third and Forth Goes Together

According to certain fashion blogs and professionals tapping your third and forth toes together can incessantly provide relief from heel pain. How? It is to be believed that it prevents a nerve from being flustered between those two toes while wearing heels.

7. Cobbler’s Call

Keeping a watch on your shoe’s upkeep is a great way to healthy foot health. When a sole wears down or loses its traction, have the cobbler replace it. When a heel lift wears down, get it restored. A cobbler’s fee is much lower and affordable than buying a new expensive pair altogether.

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