Useful tips for blondes


Maintaining a beautiful hair color is a difficult task for every blonde. That horrible brittleness, dark hairs, and damaged strands turned out to be a nightmare for some girls. But what should they do to fix all these problems? Our professionals at the best NYC Hair Salon created a list of mega useful tips to ease everyday hair routine of every blondie. It will take you about ten minutes to follow our simple steps, but the result will strike you. Treat your hair right with minimum efforts.

1. Minimize shampooing

Harsh water and chemicals of your shampoo strip away your beautiful blonde color from your hair. Think twice before you decide to wash your head again, maybe there is no need to do it today, and you can wait one more day? Two or three times a week is an optimal frequency for you. This question becomes even more vivid when you dye your hair. It is necessary to wait at least two days before you may wash your hair after coloring.

2. Use special hair care products

Today, the modern market offers you a great variety of hair care products meant particularly for blondes. Choose shampoos, conditioners, and other treating products carefully and stick to blonde-aimed ones.

3. Protect your hair

A lot of different factors damage your hair. Your sensitive locks need protection from harmful UV rays, harsh water, chemicals, and heat styling tools. Do not neglect this rule and coat your hair.

Save your color with these wonderful tips from our professionals at best NYC Hair Salon.