💗How to be a Tumblr Girl💗


Do you want to be a tumblr girl? If you do, this article is for you!

First of all, if you wanna be a tumblr girl, you need to create a tumblr account! (Seems kinda obvious, doesn't it)

You need to start dressing like a tumblr girl! Find a unique style that's right for you; it might be casual, dressy, boho, pop, vintage, emo, anything really! If you aren't sure about what style is for you, you could always go to the mall and try somethings on ore en experiment by trying two styles together! As long as in the end, your satisfied!👗👙

Now that you have the perfect style, you should try to find the perfect makeup for you! Watch tutorials if you need help with it. But remember makeup is not for everyone, and that's perfectly ok!💋💄

So you have your style and makeup on point, but now you need a hairstyle that matches your style! Watch tutorials and look for ideas on tumblr. Remember to be unique!💇🏻

Now that you have your unique style, on point makeup, and perfect hair you need to take some selfies! If there's one thing in life I've learned, it's that most tumblr girls love to take selfies! Take some selfies and post them onto tumblr to show off your new style! 😎

Another big thing for tumblr girls is... Starbucks! Anytime you go to Starbucks, take a selfie with your Starbucks to post on tumblr! (It's ok if u don't like Starbucks, not everyone does. Just skip this step if u don't)

A huge thing on tumblr is quotes! Find some super cute and inspiring quotes to share with your tumblr friends! Plus, if you find a quote that you like, but you don't like the background there's a great app for making quotes! It's called Easel!

You may think that you now rhave everything that you need to be a tumblr girl, but there's two things left! One, you need to tumblr-ify your room! (that's right I just made up the word tumblr-

ify) What that means is, you need to make your room a tumblr room! Tumblr bedrooms usually have lots of pillows, magazine cutouts and posters on the walls, and fairy lights! For some

ideas, just go on look and look up "tumblr bedroom ideas"

Lastly, just remember to be yourself!