Break the Prom Norm – Ask Your Date Out! Here’s How

I have a confession to make. I didn’t get to be asked to formal dances a lot when I was still in school. My only regret, looking back at those times, is that I didn’t muster the courage to ask that one blue-eyed boy at my school to go to prom with me. To cut the sad story short, that prom date never happened. I cried myself to sleep that night of the dance, especially when I found out that some random girl made him go to prom with her.

Now that it’s 2016, it’s time to break out of the norm. It’s time women take charge, making prom date proposals included. Besides, there are too many gorgeous dresses you just got to wear to a formal, like that ruched burgundy A-line gown I saw online.

Here are unusual ways to make a #promposal.

1. Beating your boyfriend to it

This would be easier, since you’ll most likely be going to the dance with him. But he has been putting off the proposal and you can’t wait for him to ask you, why not beat him to it?Surely, your bae will be amazed at the gesture.

How to ask your man to prom in an adorable way? If he likes to play video games, you can ask a friend or hire someone to create a game for you wherein at the end of it, the question “PROM?” will pop out.

2. Asking your best friend on a friendly prom date

Maybe you’ve talked about it as kids, but might’ve forgotten as you grew older. Why not live your childhood dream of going together by asking him first? How?

Since you probably know each other’s family well enough, why not ask permission from his parents for you to enter his room. There, you can dress as his favorite superhero or anime character. Create a placard with wordings that relate to your costume. Then, hide in his closet and wait for him to come home. To make it more mysterious, make it like a treasure hunt where you leave clues all over his house for him to find you.

If you’re both single and maybe just waiting for that spark to happen between the two of you, this could be it.

3. Braving it out

Do you have a crush that you really want to go to the prom with? It can be nerve-wracking to ask a boy out on a date. But if you don’t, it could be one of the “what-ifs” you might live to regret in life.

How to make your promposal cute and not embarrassing? Make it a treasure hunt, which will be fun for the both of you.

Leave the first clue in his locker, which should lead him to more clues that will lead to your meeting place. It can be a deserted gym or the music room. There you can hold out a cookie or cake that will read something like “Will you go to the prom with me?”

Don’t worry too much about the outcome. What matters most is you were brave enough to do it. After all, it would be a waste if you can’t wear the stunning teal blue plunge maxi dress you saw at Lookbook Store the other day.

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