Outfits that are great for school or College


These are some great outfit ideas!

1. The comfy

School outfit. In this Outfit Idea, we will be wearing some cute, comfy black leggings, paired with an Oversized grey knit sweater, paired with fuzzy burgundy socks and brown combat boots. For details we will be needing some cute silver hoop earrings with a cute knit beanie. For a necklace i like to use cross necklaces. That's all there is to it!

2. The edgy

This outfit is very cut. But, for school i am not so sure if this is in dresscode. If you are in college, then it really doesn't matter. For this outfit i'm wearing a burgundy crop top with gorgeous cutouts in the back of it. I'm pairing the crop top with some dark wash jeans that are ripped, paired with some brown combat boots, paired with a black knit beanie. for some detailing i'm adding some cute bow earrings to the look. And now you're done!

3. the girly

This outfit that i put together is very girly. First, i am starting out with a quarter-length short burgundy dress. I am going to pair

a grey,knit cardigan to give the dress some warmth.

For shoes as usual, i'm pairing some brown or black combat

boots. And the look wouldn't be complete without accessories!

For accessories i'm using a black beanie