What Anxiety 😖 Really Feels like ...

Anxiety isn't something to mess with, it's a real feeling, a real emotion and something that be really hard to describe. I have a bit of social anxiety and trying to explain that to people is hard, especially if they don't understand exactly what I go through on a day-to-day basis. If you have anxiety, it's okay! Below, are some of the best ways to describe what you go through.

1. The Constant Worry

2. I'm Fine …

3. You Dwell … on Everything

4. Constant Apologizing

5. You Pretend a Lot

6. Your Thoughts Constantly:

7. We do, Keep It inside

8. What People Constantly Say:

9. It Comes and Goes …

10. You Want to Just Sleep

11. Or Overwhelmed or That Feeling in the Pit of Your Stomach

12. You Cancel Plans a Lot but It Isn't Your Fault

13. If You Make a Mistake …

14. No One Really Knows about Your Anxiety

15. You'd do Anything to Feel Different

16. Sometimes, Everything Sucks

17. You Feel Crazy

18. You Fear Relationships Big-time

19. You Never Know if Your Feelings Are Real

20. Every Day

21. You Don't like to Talk about It a Lot …

22. ...but People Want You to

23. It's Okay to Have a Meltdown

24. Your Bestie Will Help You through It

25. You Feel out of Control

26. You do Make Progress Every Single Day Though

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