15 Questions ❔ You Secretly πŸ™Š Want to Ask on a First Date πŸ‘« ...

Don't you hate skating around certain topics when you meet someone new? Well, you shouldn't worry, because your date is probably wondering the same things about you as you're wondering about them. Here are questions everyone secretly wants to ask on a first date, as told by BuzzFeed:

1. Why Are You Single?

2. Have You Ever Cheated on Someone?

3. What Was Your First Impression of Me?

4. Are You Looking for Something Serious or Casual?

5. What Have Other People You’ve Dated Complained about the Most?

6. What’s Your Preferred Method of Birth Control?

7. Are You Going to Kiss Me or Will I Eventually Have to Make the First Move?

8. Why Did You Break up with Your Last Significant Other?

9. Have You Ever Been Arrested?

10. Do You Still Love Any Exes?

11. What Have Other People You’ve Dated Liked the Most about You?

12. How Frequently do You Check Your Ex’s Social Media Accounts?

13. Are You Going to Pay for This Date, or Should I Have My Wallet Ready?

14. Have You Ever Been in Love?

15. Are You Just Going to Sleep with Me and Never Call Me Again?

Which one of these questions are you the most tempted to ask all of your dates?

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