7 ways to improve overall skin health


1. support it from within

This is the most important tip of all. Your skin is a reflection of your internal health condition. Feed your body the right things and your skin will surely benefit from it. Taking supplements can really heal your body and promote healthy skin cell turnover. Supplements like zinc and biotin can help reduce inflammation and repair the cells in your body. Inflammation is the main cause of many diseases and conditions and it is important to reduce it to feel healthy.

2. cleanse your skin right

Whether you wear makeup during the day or not, it is important to cleanse your skin right. Using a facial brush to clean your skin can make sure that you get all the dirt, oil and makeup off so that your skin can breathe and repair itself. Your complexion will become smoother and softer with continued use. You will also find that with a facial brush, you don't need as many steps to cleanse your skin.

3. detoxify your skin

Exercising is a good way to sweat out the toxins in your body. Drinking tea is also good for flushing out toxins from your body. Living in the city can cause our bodies to accumulate a lot of waste and toxins since they're everywhere. Exercise and drinking tea also have lots of other benefits as well, such as balancing hormone production and helping you slim down.

4. improve blood circulation

Blood circulation allows more blood to carry nutrients to all of our cells, thus speeding up the repair cycle of our body. It also gives our skin a natural healthy glow and keeps us from getting cold all the time. You can improve blood circulation by exercising and taking nitric oxide supplements. Nitric oxide is a supplement used by many athletes to increase energy and speed up recovery, but it is also safe to use on a daily basis.

5. get enough sleep

You can see that improve our skin has a lot to do with body repair and improve the health of body cells. Sleep can definitely help the body recharge and make us feel refreshed after a long day. Opt for 7-9 hours of sleep every day and don't go to bed too late since it can affect your body's circadian rhythm (which is like your body's biological clock).

6. use natural products

Using natural products limits the allergies that we may get from products. Sometimes acne and redness can be caused by allergies alone. Instead of trying "artificial" products one by one to see if you're allergic, try using natural products to avoid the fuss.

7. hydration

Other than promoting detoxification, hydration allows our skin to appear bright and soft. Our body needs water so much since more than half of our bodies are made of water. Give your body what it needs and you'll start to look and feel healthy.