7 tips for confidence


1. don't compare

Our confidence plunges when we compare ourselves with others. It's the biggest reason for a drop in confidence. Never compare your weaknesses to someone's strengths. It does nothing but bring you down. You have strengths that others don't have, don't forget that. So there's really no point in comparing.

2. don't care

Don't care about what others think of you. Do your own thing and try your best, that's it! What others think of you says more about them than it says about you. If they're judging you because of the things they see on the surface, then they aren't worth your attention. You don't need people that are lazy enough to judge you without caring to know you.

3. see your strengths and beauty

Everyone's beautiful and strong. It's all inside you. Let it come out! You'll feel so liberated and happy when you do. See your worth and don't accept anything less. When you see your strengths and beauty, others will see it too, I promise you.

4. put yourself first

Put your happiness and well-being first. Others' opinions don't matter anymore if you're happy. Happiness is so much more important than the little thoughts people have about you. How they think is their business, not yours.

5. be reasonable

You wouldn't examine people so hard and point out their flaws, right? So don't do it to yourself. Be reasonable and give yourself some credit too. Life is hard sometimes and yet you make it through every day. That's a brave thing to do. There are so many beautiful reasons to be confident, don't trip over small things that you can't change. Be proud of yourself!

6. define yourself in other ways

Never determine your worth from things you can't change. If your self-worth is based on your appearance, your confidence is meant to take a hit on days where you don't look your best. Define yourself with your personality, your achievements (not money or materialistic things), and your strengths. You'll be able to see your value much easier.

7. love

Love yourself, love others. Love allows us to overlook flaws and discover simple beauties in life. Let your ability to love expand and you'll see life in a different light. There are so many opportunities to love and forgive. Eventually, you'll learn to forgive yourself too.