Top Best Apps for Cheap Clothes!


1. Mercari

This app is a life saver if you have a budget when it comes to online shopping. The prices are very low if you find the right deals! You can even ask the seller to lower the price to a reasonable offer. The app is free and also! When you sign up, put the invite code as "WYUWRW" to start you off! You can use this code when signing up on all ur devices! I seriously got vans for $14! shipping included! Sign up now before there's a fee when buying(:

2. Wish

Wish is brand new clothes! They have triangl dupes and prom dress to die for. Their prices are very cheap!

3. Cute

This app is powered by wish. You get a free gift when u sign up! This app mainly focus on makeup and beauty products. They are very cheap(;

4. Vinted

This app is also like Mercari. Use and New clothes and more. Vans and such are as cheap. The shipping is very pricey tho. you can offer reasonable price also!

Thanks for reading! Remember to use my code for Mercari "WYUWRW" because it's free and u get $2 off ur first purchase! Who doesn't love free and more 💖