Perfect skin tips from Korean idols❤️


Henry - Super Junior M

Henry is well renowned for his young, healthy looking skin. Henry revealed that the secret to his healthy skin is a cup of warm tea every morning as soon as he wakes up.

Jaejoong - JYJ

Contrary to popular belief Jaejoong states that his skin is extremely sensitive. He avoids using facial cleanser unless i necessary. He instead, thoroughly washes his face using only water

Minah (Girl's Day)

Girl's Day Minah states her secret to her glistening white skin can be attributed to her special skin food, cooked tomatoes.

Jong Hyun (SHINee)

Jong Hyun says he didn't always have flawless skin but he made sure to use facial packs whenever he had time resulting in his now impeccable skin!

Sungyeol - INFINITE

He consumes lettuce concentrate in liquid form to keep his skin healthy and help it keep its sheen

Song Joongki

Song Joongki says his milky white skin come from washing his face with milk before he goes to sleep every night. He also avoids heaters to

prevent his skin from drying out.

Seohyun - SNSD

Seohyun applies a thin layer of facial oil right after she finishes washing her face to trap moisture in and keep her skin healthy.

Song Jieun

Song Jieun emphasizes the importance of drinking water. She says she goes through at least 3~4L of water and notices the difference when she doesn't drink as much for

a while.


SNSD as a group focus on exfoliating more than anything to allow their skin to breathe. They state without exfoliation your skin will never be flawless.

Suzy bae( miss A)

– 2 minutes massage with cream foam

– 4 minutes then rinse with warm water and finish with cold water to tighten pores.

Apply toner (rose water): Instead of using cotton for the rose water and then absorbed into the skin, beautiful singer Yoona in direct hands were washed, patted rose water on your face. This is a popular beauty in Korea.

Use moisturizer: Apply moisturizer to your hands, rub well until warmed

Go Hyun Jung

cream and apply on the face from the inside out, from top to bottom.

Go Hyun Jung recommends to mask the neck from chin to neck so the neck skin is white and soft, very big plus point for the charm of a woman.

Make a egg white and honey mask and leave it on for 20 minutes.

So Hee ( wonder girls)

The singer keeps her skin hydrated with : a facial mist, moisturizer , mask and sunscreen.

Hyolyn (SISTAR)

She drinks omija tea everyday . It is usually topped with pine nuts.

Hope you enjoyed this ❤️