Essential Study Skills that will help alleviate stress


1. Make a Plan.

Studying can become much easier once you have taken the time to organise your time efficiently. Make a schedule, remembering to take note of any hobbies or prior-commitments you may have. Allot time for breaks as well, there is no use wearing yourself down on hours of continuous study! It's wasted time!

2. Set Goals.

Begin setting goals far enough in advance and gradually build them up. Setting unrealistic goals and too fast will only bog you down.Start off with simple goals and once you've completed them it will give you the self-pride and motivation to spur you on to more difficult challenges. Having goals will also help you manage your load and keep track of your progress.

3. Repetition.

Constant revision of the topics you've previously studied will be a great aid in storing that material in your long-term memory. If you study one chapter on Monday then you should consider reviewing that chapter the next day before you move on to another. Learning off too many facts at once will make it harder for you to retain it all. It may be dull but before you know it you will be reciting the bulk of info without difficulty.

4. Study Environment.

Everybody has their own personal way in which they like to study. Be it pretending they are teaching an invisible class, diagrams and visuals, flash cards and highlighters, reading aloud etc. First things first, you need to find your rhythm. Try a number of different methods and figure out what style of study best suits you. There is no point following a technique that doesn't allow you to absorb the information and perform to the best of your ability!

5. Diet and Sleep.

Eating regular meals and having a healthy diet really affects how you do in school. Ensuring you are eating three meals a day (especially breakfast!) goes a long way in maintaining your attention in class and having the energy to tackle your work. Make sure you are also getting your 5-a-day and following the basic food pyramid. A chocolate bar may give you energy for an hour but it will not give you the fuel you need to keep you running throughout the course of the day. Perhaps packing your lunch or having an indication of what you might wish to eat the night before will save you precious time and prevent you from snacking out on junk food. Getting 8 hours sleep is necessary when you have an early morning start. More is even better! Nothing's worse than sitting through a tedious class sleep deprived!We are all tempted to watch Netflix into the early hours of the night but be responsible and leave that for the weekend. Staying hydrated must also be of a concern, not only when you're physically active but mentally active!Never go to school without 1 or 2 bottles of water. It's very important in keeping your body running and your mind sharp.

6. Exercise and Socialise.

Remember studying isn't the only thing that's important. You cannot fail to remember that fitness plays a strong role in brain functioning. A healthy body is a healthy mind!Not only will it give you a timeout from that pile of study on your desk but it also releases chemicals such as Endorphins which will give you a positive feeling and act as an extra encouragement when studying!

Keeping contact with your friends will also provide an escape when the pressure just gets too much. Education no matter how significant isn't everything, having a support system and people to communicate with will be a vital factor in getting you through the hard times to come. When you are studying give it your full concentration putting away any electronic devices such as phones or tablets, but when you are conversing with your family or friends don't feel guilty about taking your focus off studying!We all can at times forget about life outside our bubble but as long as you keep a good balance between both worlds nothing can stand in your way!