Comments of How to Switch to Natural Dental Care 😀 for Girls Interested in Holistic Health ...
  • I so use fluoride free toothpaste from the Toms brand!!

  • I had tooth enamel loss and was told use fluoride (I stopped a little before the problem). Since usi

  • Such a great article about holistic dentistry and I enjoyed some parts of your article. I appreciate

  • I don't agree with the articles on dentistry on AWS! Fluoride is continuously portrayed as a bad thi

  • As a dental hygienist I have to say I disagree with many things on this list. Anyone wanting to do

  • They are called amalgam fillings not mercury fillings, and you are more likely to consume bigger qua

  • Oil pulling with coconut oil is amazing too. I've been doing it for awhile now. My teeth seem less s

  • I believe in fluoride!

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