Comments of 7 Different Types of Headaches and How to Treat Them ...
  • Alieve is also really good at curing tension headaches

  • What about the headache you get after crying alot

  • I have had 6 concussions and learned some tips for any kind of headache- Though heat may feel better

  • Guzzling at least 16oz of Gatorade and excedrin migraine...

  • Sorry I meant reheating not rehearsing food! Oops!

  • I used to migraines at least 4x a week. Prevented me from carrying on my daily routine. I recently d

  • do is take some extra strength aspirin and lay down in a dark room to try and sleep it off. I took

  • Like Ashalaina, I get migraines around the time of my monthly cycle. At times they get so bad that

  • My moms migraines are seriously debilitating. She has tried everything and now is trying out Botox w

  • As a woman prone to major migraines, it's important to find your triggers. For me there are two trig

  • oh God the dreaded sinus headache, I had one for over a month due to sinusitis 😣

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