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  • @Tina S, Hi Tina..I say why concealer if you can treat it. The thinnest skin on our face is around t

  • Hi Tina. Check out this post --

  • @Tina S - I have really bad, chronic dark circles, they're the bane of my life! I'm always on the lo

  • Great

  • can someone pls give some tips on dark circles? how to remove or lighten them? thnx much appreciated

  • Sunday Riley's tinted primer is brilliant for if you want a 'no make-up' day: it's sheer but buildab

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ huge help

  • This is awesome!😘

  • I like the eyelashes tip👍👍👍

  • Nice😋

  • Loving this! 😊

  • I love the one about heating your eyelash curler! When i want to look fresh and i want to look like

  • Amazing article 😘

  • Thank you😍

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