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  • @Katie you would say they have the disorder :)

  • @Dal I also have PTSD & it is extremely hard to try & get ppl, even ppl very close to me to

  • Yeah so many people nowadays are judgmental when they found out someone has a mental disorder they a

  • It's great to know that there are people out there who are highly understanding about these conditio

  • This is a great article. I am a parsnip schizophrenic, but am med compliant. Most people are very

  • This is great, I have a severe anxiety disorder and people are accommodating but sometimes just don'

  • I know where my limits are, and know how to keep myself healthy. Any of my colleagues may fall prone

  • People tend to think less of you if you have a mental problem, like it completely devaluates you. Th

  • ❤❤❤

  • @Sammy That is so interesting, I never knew that! It completely makes wouldn't refer to

  • Awesome, awesome post...thank you:-)

  • Dal

    Thank you for writing and posting this. I live with PTSD and I am familiar with the stigmatizations.

  • Thank you!! If other people listen to these articles as much as I do, this is really going to impact

  • This is an amazing article really brings light on alot of unanswered questions peopl may have.. more

  • Other than that, this article is great!!! Reducing the stigma around mental illness is an ongoing ba

  • Sorry I need to be picky on one aspect. We don't call people schizophrenics, but rather a person who

  • Thank you for writing this! I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. Most people in my life are u

  • I also want to say thank you! I have an anxiety disorder and wish more People understood.

  • THANK YOU for writing this. I'm Bipolar & so is my son. The stigma (although still there) isn't

  • That's such a great quality of you to have understanding of something so familiar within society :)

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