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  • @BeffBeff, I was in your place once. The best advice I could give is to go shopping with them and po

  • @BeffBeff Have you talked to your parents about your concerns? It's hard if you're not in control of

  • I need some help because Im 16, 170 pounds, and live in a house where everyone eats unhealthy. Its h

  • Good advices

  • This tips are useful to me. I did it before n I lost 20kg in 2 years. Nowadays I still keep doing it

  • Hi Abia. You admit that you don't make the best choices when it comes to your food and beverage inta

  • @Harriot well I think that's a good idea though I love doing walk but I do it pretty slowly but anyw

  • I disagree I count calories and it taught me portion control, turns out I was overeating big time an

  • Slowly start introducing healthy food into your diet? If you really want burger/chips eat some frui

  • Hi I am a 17 year old college going girl I am very picky about food I don't know I am having 80kg of

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