P Diddy and Snoop Dogg Say They Are the Best Role Models for Kids

They were just kidding around, right? RIGHT?

Hip-hop superstars SNOOP DOGG and SEAN COMBS have branded themselves "the best heroes for kids".

The rappers - who have each had brushes with the law for various charges including drugs, weapons and assault - are adamant they are positive role models for children and insist youngsters can learn from their collective life experiences, both good and bad.

Snoop says, "I think we (are) the best heroes for kids. We been through everything in music and in life. We give kids the best example to deal with everything."

Combs adds, "A lot of role models have not been through trials and tribulations. You got to judge a champion by how he get up when he been knocked down."

I think perhaps Snoop and P Diddy were smoking something when they said all this shizz….either that, or we’ve reached an alltime new low.

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