Outlasts Them All.

WOW! I am so very impressed with Covergirl's Outlast Double Lipshine - let me tell you.I used it on my daughter for Halloween, and that evening she complained that she could not fully remove it. Her lips still looked perfectly colored. And not your regular stained color - a glowy, shimmery, almost pearl-like color. I knew I had to try this out, and not wait any longer.Double Lipshine is well, as you might expect, a double ended product. One side contains the color, while the other side contains a thick, clear gloss.It applies simply by using the color end first. It goes on with your typical lipgloss sponge-tipped, wand type applicator. It smoothes on almost like lipstick. It is not strong in smell or taste or anything. No sting - nothing. After about a minute, lips are colored to a mostly matte finish, but with a bit f pearl. Then you apply the clear topcoat, that smells of vanilla - yum! - and brushed on with a brush. It leaves lips very shiny and very pretty!As the shine wears down, the base color does not. So reapplication of the top coat is the only thing that need to be re-applied - and maybe only twice during the day.I have also tried Outlast using just the base coat, and used a MAC lipglass over it to give it more of a pearl finish, and I like this very much as well.Outlast is ormulated with he staying power of Permatone, a patented technology. The color themselves contain 15 - 35 percent colored pearls and mica. This is what impresses me, and makes outlast the winner that it is.Outlast Double Lipshine comes in range of 15 shimmery, shiny shades and retails for just $7.65 at mass-market retailers.My personal favorites are Sahara, Power Pink and Sleek Suede. [...]

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