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Our Top 5 Highlights and Dissapointments of CES 2007 ...

By Chip


Our Top 5 Highlights of CES 2007

1 Vizio’s GV47LF. 47 inches of beautiful LCD in all its glory with 1080p for just $1899

2 Asus’ U1 1.78 Pound Core 2 Laptop That Blows Away All of the UMPCs

3 Forget All the Big-wig Companies, We Spotted Some of the Most Innovative New Electronics at Small Asian Vendors

4 So Many Colorful Ipod Speakers That do More then Just Play Music off of Your Ipod

5 IRivers Slew of New PMPs Fill Our Void for the Widescreen Ipod We Expected but Didn’t Get

Our top 5 Disappointments of CES 2007

1 No Single Product Really Blew Our Heels off

2 Why’d Apple Have to Go and Release the IPhone on Tuesday and Steal Some of CES’ Steam

3 Samsung Reps Tell Us That There Are No Pink, Floral Designed or Crystal Phones or Accessories Destined to Come to the U.S. for at Least the First Half of ‘07. Meanwhile Our European and Asian Cousins Can Rub Their High Tech Hot Pink Samsung Phones in Our Faces from Afar

4 Too Many Ipod Speakers That do Everything. as Soon as We’ll Buy One, Another One Will Come along That Fits in Everything but the Kitchen Sink. Wait, We May Have Seen an Ipod Speaker with a Kitchen Sink on the Show Floor…

5 This is the Second Year That We Got Kicked out of the Hello Kitty Booth for Taking Pictures. Really Ms. Kitty, Why Did You Bring Your Newest Gadgets to CES if You Wouldn’t Even Let Us Take Photos. Why Must You Taunt Us so

Oh, and even though CES is technically over, it isn’t for us. We still have a couple of cool stuff to bring to you that we caught on the show floor.

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