Our New Favorite


We’ve been trying for years to love Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss but we just can’t get past the stiff, hard bristled applicator brush. Would it be too much to ask for an applicator that doesn’t resemble a weapon? How about just put them into a pot like the limited-edition Heather Pink from the Spring Violet Collection. That would make us happy.

In spite of the brush we hate, we still buy Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss when there’s a color we can’t live without and just apply it with our fingertip or a different brush.

Lately, we’ve been loving the Matte Stain For Lips which gives us six great colors (Cabernet, Chili, Cayenne, Candy, Desert Clay and Clay) in a creamy-matte stain that leaves lips soft and velvety.

This also looks great layered with our favorite lip gloss.

Bobbi">http://www.gloss.com~G!05D76F91AB3F!Sh8A6k4NYYzj~~ws-nocache~~@http://syndicator.esteelauder.com/syndicator/Gloss/bobbibrown_us">Bobbi Brown Matte Stain for Lips, $20

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