Other Designers Purse Deal: House of Dereon Handbags

eBelle5 the bag blog Date Added: March 2, 2007 Purse Deal: House of Dereon Handbags If you own this bag then you may not want to continue reading this post, because what I say may hurt your feelings... this bag has been nominated for the Designer Hall of Shame: The Ugly House of Dereon: I couldn't help but notice that all of the handbags that belong to this brand are hanging out in the clearance section for around 50% off retail. Hum, possibly because they're ugly pieces of crap that I wouldn't even buy for my dog as a crap bag, if I had a dog. Hideous and overpopulated with cluttering hardware and details that one would just shout in their head "less is more." Why am I being so hard on the brand? It's the eyesore design but more importantly the price range of these junk-ey bags. To me, these overpriced handbags belong in the same category and price range as Baby Phat handbags, which just so happens is in the same range as the newly 50% off amount. Hum, I wonder if when they get their new crap in, the range will be less, Baby Phat level. Chat about this purse post in The Bag Forum

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