Oscars Liveblog - Bored Now...

Joan Rivers, looking very plastic in fluffy red fur, is the biggest 'sleb we've seen so far. Now Fearne is talking Peter Baynham (here as a screenwriting nominee for 'Borat') which is great (yay for the Brits) but not brilliant when you're sat here waiting for your first glimpse of some Chanel.

Kim is keeping us occupied with unrepeatable gossip about Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher while we wonder who the screams in the background are for (come on, Brad and Angelina, you know you want to turn up now). Ms Cotton needs to be getting in there with the big names or I'm calling it a night and waiting for Getty to post their images...

By the way, we want Little Miss Sunshine to win Best Picture. It'll never happen, but it's a well deserved winner. I watched it on a plane having had about 3 hours sleep the night before, and it still had me hooked.

Now Michael Sheen is talking to Fearne (we love him, and reckon Kate Beckinsale must now be kicking herself now for divorcing him). He loves Little Miss Sunshine too! Nice one. Meanwhile Kim yanks my arm to tell me Maggie Gyllenhaal is just off screen on the left, definitely in navy blue one-shouldered fabulousness. Now they're just deliberately teasing us. I wonder if her brother is with her?

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