Oh My Word - Lindsay Lohan Busted - AGAIN?!?


oh my word - i can't believe this! i just woke up to the news that lindsay lohan was busted again for DUI (driving on a suspended license) plus there was cocaine found in her pocket - this is so insane!!! she's for sure going to jail - and i bet longer than paris hilton! lordy she's such a dummy - she just screwed herself royally - what the fuck was she thinking?!? ms. lohan was in the slammer this morning for a few hours but just got out after posting bail set at $25k - and apparently she's very upset - no shit - girlfriend just dug herself a way bigger hole o' trouble! gosh lindsay was just sprung from rehab on july 13th - less than two weeks ago! i wonder what'll happen next?!? i still can't believe this happened again! good luck girl - you're going to need it! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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